Scrap Kings


Duration/Format:              Series 3: 20 x 50 min, HD

                                                  Series 1: 8 x 50 min, HD

Genre:                                    Lifestyle & Reality

Scrap Kings celebrates the real-life hands-on heroes demolishing and scrapping Britain’s redundant buildings, bridges, boats, planes and giant vehicles. The action swings from bricks and concrete being blown to pieces to steel constructions brought down by cutting edge explosives. Boats may be rescued, stripped then crushed by digger.  Supercars may be stripped out then cut up with a gas burner.  As the natural resources of the earth are exploited towards scarcity, in the world of demolition, scrap and recycling, critical raw materials are extracted and reworked.  Rubble is crushed into new aggregates, old wood into biomass fuel and scrap metals melted down to be made into new parts or machines.

What’s left on the floor of the scrap yard is picked over by the artists and hobbyists who create their own metal masterpieces, from giant creatures to bespoke furniture, crafted from aeroplane wings and tank parts.

Producer:                              Back2back Productions

Commission:                        Quest UK and ProSieben

Year of Production:           Series 1: 2017 / Available Spring 2020

Series 1




Series 3:





Rosamund Ali – VP Content Sales: UK and EMEA

+44 (0)7545 635047

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