Iberia’s Woodlands – Life On The Edge


Duration/Format:              2 x 60 min, HD

Genre:                                    Nature and Wildlife

In this visually stunning and captivating series, bear witness to the extraordinary wildlife of Iberia’s Woodlands – one of the most beautiful yet ferocious environments on earth. Filmed over a year, the series charts the lives of an incredible range of animals – from Eagles and Wolves to White Storks and Lynxes – as they strive to survive the dramatically changing seasons of the forest. Combining a Mediterranean climate and a closeness to Africa, the region is blessed with unparalleled diversity and is home to both the rarest big cat (The Iberian Lynx) and the smallest mammal (the Etruscian Shrew) on earth. But life in Iberia’s Woodlands is hard. Surviving here has never been easy. And with the climate changing faster than ever before, existing here is becoming ever more savage. With life now always on the edge, which animals will survive here in this land of extremes? 

Producer:                              Palearctic Films & Azor Producciones

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/flamemedia/review/366132835/3f536b6bf5


Rosamund Ali – VP Content Sales: UK and EMEA


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