Wounded Birds


Length: S1: 122 x 45 min; S2: 79 x 45 min

Genre: Drama series

Production company: Stellar Yapim

Broadcaster: Kanal D

Description: A story of two orphans on the run from a ruthless criminal trying to make a new life in Istanbul, from the producer of international hit series Elif. Wounded Birds revolves around a brother and sister torn between two worlds: the mean streets of their birth and the luxurious villa of the Metehanoglu family. Meryem is a strong, beautiful young woman who has spent the past five years raising her “little brother” Ömer. She was barely a teenager when someone gave baby Ömer to her low-life father, Durmus. He intended to sell the infant, but Durmus was hauled off to prison before he could complete the sale. Meryem is determined to keep Ömer off the streets, and she’s worked night and day to make a good, decent life for them both. Little does she know that the young boy is the son of an influential industrialist and was kidnapped in a power struggle over control of the family empire. The link back to the world of his biological father brings Ömer and Meryem’s adventure to a start, as they are unexpectedly reunited with Levent, a man who thought he would never see his son again. Wounded Birds premiered on Kanal D in Turkey in April 2019 and is set for 100 episodes daily run.


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