Length: 7 x 60 min

Genre: Drama series

Production company: CJ ENM

Broadcaster: OCN

Description: Walter is a former anchor who has it all: a household name, sensational popularity, and a charming family. He is solicited to enter the political field but continues a modest life of teaching students in the hopes of returning to the newsroom someday. Despite his busy schedule, he brings his wife and young son to the mountains for a family vacation, but they soon disappear in the forest. Walter hastily searches for them but falls into a dangerous trap while a group of savage men try to hunt him down. He miraculously survives but is rushed to the hospital, traumatized and covered in blood. Dean, a veteran detective with fearless grit, takes on Walter’s case and uncovers the shocking truth with the help of Janet, an exceptional profiler who has been investigating an abscond group of “hunters” who kill innocent people as a regular sport. Walter eventually recovers but falls to his knees when he sees his son’s dead body in the forest. He won’t stop at anything and decides to get to the bottom of the case, even if it means he must go into the trap, once again.


Nicola Söderlund
Managing Partner
Eccho Rights
Phone: +46 735 007 405

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