The Alligator


Series, 12×50

Synopsis: “The Alligator» Marco Buratti is a former Blues singer. Unjustly sentenced to seven years in prison, as former prisoner he remained obsessed with justice. He started to use his «skills» and his knowledge in the underworld and he becomes a very particular investigator: he feels more comfortable in the marginal and extra-legal world than among policemen and magistrates. He recurs willingly to the help of strange characters: he doesn’t get his hands dirty, but he doesn’t mind asking for “unconventional” help.

Cast: Matteo Martari, Thomas Trabacchi, Gianluca Gobbi, Shalana Santana

Duration: 8×52′


Production:  Rai Fiction-Fandango production

Year: 2020

Contact Info:

Margherita Zocaro — International Sales
Phone: +39 335 7557907

Nataliia Chekh
International Sales

Rai Com


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