Length: 8 x 45 min

Genre: Drama Series

Production company: B Reel Films

Broadcaster: SVT

Description: Ella is a 40-year-old single mother of three children, by two different fathers. Her tough job situation (being self-employed) in combination with her complicated family constellation, makes her life chaotic and hectic. She doesn’t have enough spare time to meet men, even less to fall in love with someone. After following her friend’s advice, she finally creates a profile on the dating site “Swiping”, and eventually starts seeing men of all kinds. Swiping leads Ella into unexpected meetings, feelings and relationships – but also brings a confusing insight into how complicated the world is. But despite this she can’t help but long for true love and she admires people who live in stable, long-term relationships. With each failed date Ella moves closer to giving up on romance but is spurred on by her best friend, Nilo, whose free spirit and lust for life is inspiring. She also finds solace in her new employee Arvin. They are a great match in the kitchen, he is not only hardworking, but easy to talk to and shares his problems freely with Ella – he and his wife are struggling to conceive a baby and it is putting a strain on their marriage. While she continues to strive for romance with strangers, perhaps the answer to Ella’s dilemma has already arrived in her kitchen…


Nicola Söderlund
Managing Partner
Eccho Rights
Email: nicola@ecchorights.com
Phone: +46 735 007 405

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