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Synopsis: The successful story of Enrico Piaggio goes through many important historical moments. Before the Second World War he was building warplanes. His factory was destroyed and, taken by the sense of remorse, he started working on the Vespa project, saving machinery and workers. This movie tells the little known side of the story: the Vespa was close to bankruptcy, but Enrico Piaggio with his friend Corradino d’Ascanio managed to change its destiny through revolutionary methods: an advertisement based on female communication and pro rata payment system. This scooter became part of the Italian representation abroad and it is still famous worldwide, testified by the 18 million units sold around theglobe.

Cast: Alessio Boni, Violante Placido, Francesco Pannofino, Enrica Pintore Roberto Ciufoli, Bruno Torrisi

Director: Umberto Marino

Duration: 100’

Genre: Period Drama

Production:  Rai Fiction, Movieheart

Year: 2019


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Phone: +39 335 7557907

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