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Synopsis: Montalbano is a Sicilian detective acting in the ancient, sun washed Sicilian province of Ragusa as well as in the breath-taking surrounding countryside. Each episode of the series focuses on Montalbano’s personal war against his professional ideals, his commitment to his beautiful long-distance girlfriend and his constant flirtation with the ultimate temptress, Italian cuisine, making this crime series one of the best products of contemporary Italian fiction.

Cast: Luca Zingaretti, Cesare Bocci, Peppino Marrotta, Angelo Russo

Director: Alberto Sirioni, Luca Zingaretti

Duration: 36×100’

Genre: Detective — Crime

Production:  Rai Fiction, Palomar

Year: 1999-2020

Contact Info:

Margherita Zocaro — International Sales
Phone: +39 335 7557907

Nataliia Chekh
International Sales

Rai Com


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