Love Me


Length: 6 x 45 min

Genre: Drama series

Production company: Warner Bros. Sweden

Broadcaster: Viaplay

Description: Love Me is a romantic drama about love and relationships in three different stages of life.  How to deal with love and passion in different generations? A warm and humorous series about love, sex, fear and sadness. A series about life, from start to finish. The Father, Sten, does everything for his wife Kersti who due to an accident can no longer take care of herself. As a wedding anniversary gift, he buys a luxury vacation trip for them, but it does not go as planned. Kersti suddenly dies and all is turned over. Sten after much brooding still decides to go on the tripand at the flight terminal, Sten encounters the colorful enjoyer of life; Anita. Clara works as a Chief Physician at a childbirth clinic and wants nothing more than to find the right one to live her life with. During an unlikely event she runs into the attractive neighbour Peter and everything turns upside down. But isn’t he a little too good to be true? And is Clara even ready to fall in love? With smart dialogue and with authentic, true-to-life relatable characters the feeling is that the story happens here and now. Dark, passionate and also warm humour leaves everyone moved by this serie. The series has received not only critical acclaim but rapidly rose to become the best-performing drama to have ever been launched on the Viaplay platform. Ahead of its premiere, the series was already renewed for a second season.


Nicola Söderlund
Managing Partner
Eccho Rights
Phone: +46 735 007 405

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