Length: 16 x 60 min

Genre: Drama Series

Production company: CJ ENM

Genre: tvN

Description: Jack is a former mercenary soldier on the run. He was wrongfully accused of killing his girlfriend while serving in Iraq. He vowed to never love again. So Jack secretly finds his way back home to live a low-key life, but is spotted by Diana, a powerful daughter of a conglomerate. She pretends to be happily married to Seth—an ambitious and unfaithful politician running for president. Diana and Seth have a purely political marriage, one that is marred by Seth’s illegitimate daughter, Anna. Diana assigns Jack to guard Anna, who is trapped and living a reclusive life. Her existence needs to be hidden from the outside world. Overtime, Jack and Anna develop feelings for each other, but the person who wants to harm Anna the most is Jack’ boss Diana, so James starts to question where his loyalty should lay. Then Jack’s unfortunate past resurfaces and complicates his dilemma even further.


Nicola Söderlund
Managing Partner
Eccho Rights
Email: nicola@ecchorights.com
Phone: +46 735 007 405

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