“Gostomyisl”, an animated series (2020-)


Genre – sci-fi + comedy (satire) + adventure

Logline – A sci-fi cognitive adventure satirical comedy in which Gostomyisl, an alien, and Ribosov,
a high school student, rescue a Russian businessman who is in great trouble.

Season format – 12 episodes of 7 minutes

Animation style – 2D

Video – 2K-UHD(2048×1152)x25p
Audio – stereo

Voices of 2 main characters:

  • Ribosov – Andrey Ryibin
  • Gostomyisl – Synthesized voice (artificial intellect)

Written & directed by Ol Right

The character Gostomyisl created by Ann Water

The rest characters created by a group of artists

 Animation by Andrey Cheryomuskin

Main music composed & performed by Arthur Basov (Belarus)

Support music by Bisou (France)

Executive Producer – Ann Water, Producer – Ol Right

Sound FXs & sound mix by Andrey Vasilyev

Closed captions in English by John Melnyk (USA)

Produced by Korotyish USMS

© 2020 ‘Korotyish’ | DomMedia Holding

2 Episodes are ready:
Episode #1 – “A Chance Encounter”

Episode #2 – “Diving into Friendship”

In production – Episode #3 (“Statistics That Kills”)

The official page of the series “Gostomyisl” on the Internet – https://korotyish.com/gostomyisl

Broadcast channel of the series “Gostomyisl” in Telegram – https://t.me/gostomyisl

Licensor’s website – https://dommediaholding.com

Contacts for licensors, format buyers and those who are interested in co-production –

Office phone +7 (495) 125-8-911

Mobile phone +1 (310) 651-8155

Email dommediaholding@hotmail.com

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