Tar Zaman

Historical drama, 12×42 min

Movie, 1h 35min

Production year: 2017

Director: Murat Bidosov

M&E tracks

After the February Revolution of 1917, a monarchy fell in Russia. The news of the events in Petrograd of Kazakhstan’s population was perceived with a fancy. The Kazakhs welcomed the overthrow of the autocracy, which is justly considered this fact as a consequence of their centuriesold struggle. The leaders of the national liberation movement believed that with the establishment of democracy, freedom and equality, it was time to create national autonomy. This vision of the revolution was shared by most representatives of the Kazakh intelligentsia.


Akkaldan Abubakir
Senior manager of the department
Distribution and acquisitions
RTRK «Qazaqstan»
Email: distribution@kaztrk.kz
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