Drama, 20×42 min

Production year: 2019

Director: Olzhas Nurbay

M&E tracks

Childhood is an important period in the life of every person, when the foundation of the whole future life is laid. Too much depends on whether a small person is surrounded by love, understanding and attention. This is especially important for children who, for various reasons, were left without native parents, and were brought up in orphanages. Will strangers be able to replace their family, which they lost? Is working in an orphanage just a job or lifestyle, a call of the heart, or a mission of mercy? What can you see if you look into these walls and figure out what is happening in the orphanage? How do its inhabitants live, what material and moral problems do they face, how do they find ways to solve them?


Akkaldan Abubakir
Senior manager of the department
Distribution and acquisitions
RTRK «Qazaqstan»
Phone: +7 747 731 32 77

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