Tata: Escobar’s Wife


GENRE: Factual


FORMAT: 2 x 60/ 1 x 90


SYNOPSIS: Who was the woman behind Pablo Escobar? What did she think of her husband’s way of life? She was his wife and lover…. but was she also his business partner? Tata features revelations from the most important character in Pablo Escobar’s life, to complete the history of the world’s most famous drug-tracker. Silent for more than 20 years, tired of so many false and sensationalist stories, Maria Isabel (Tata) breaks her silence and tells the truth about her life with Pablo Escobar. Using never before seen material from the very beginning of their relationship, as well as photos and handwritten letters found after an exhaustive search, this is the most intimate portrait of theirl life together.


Lulu Prutton — Senior Sales Executive
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