Should We Bomb Auschwitz?


GENRE: Factual 


FORMAT: 1 x 60


SYNOPSIS: In April 1944 two men miraculously escaped from Auschwitz and revealed to the world the shocking truth about the Holocaust. When the Allies heard their story they devised a chilling plan: to end the slaughter by bombing Auschwitz. But not everyone agreed the plan should go ahead. Meanwhile the killing machine ground on… and, in Budapest, 800,000 Jews were being held in an old brick factory awaiting transport to Auschwitz. By November, the Allies had decided to bomb the death camp. But by then, it was too late… For the first time on television, we will tell the whole of this incredible story – and ask the biggest moral question of our time: should the Allies have done the unthinkable and bombed Auschwitz?


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