Lost Home Videos of Nazi Germany


GENRE: Factual 


FORMAT: 2×60


SYNOPSIS: Thousands of German attics have become dumping grounds for countless hours of private home movies, left gathering dust for decades. Hidden on these rolls of film is a different story of Hitler’s Third Reich; a private window into the inner most recesses of life in the Nazi Germany – at home during peacetime, but also, even more astonishingly, from the front lines of Hitler’s wars of conquest. This two-part series delves into these private collections, which are only now beginning to emerge into the light for the first time, to reveal how ordinary Germans – both civilian and military – recorded the dawn of an empire that they thought would last a thousand years. Ordinary citizens as well as Party organisations, firemen, local officials and, soldiers on the frontline, picked up cine cameras and filmed everything they saw. Nothing was allowed to slip into obscurity. Thousands of Germans lovingly documented their own lives, exuding both national and domestic pride. They wanted to mark their experiences of daily life under Hitler, for future generations to enjoy. However, as Hitler’s plans turned to ashes in the catastrophe of May 1945, much of this footage was hidden away. Now, as the war generation pass away, their children and grandchildren are finding these films and sharing them. What emerges is a candid look at what life was really like for those living in, and under Hitler’s Swastika – at home – and abroad, a record not only of what they saw, but of what they knew.


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