Journey In The Dangerzone: Iraq


GENRE: Factual 


FORMAT: 2×60′


SYNOPSIS: Adnan Sarwar served as a British soldier in the Iraq war. 15 years on he returns to explore the country that’s obsessed him ever since. In a revealing and uplifting 1,000-mile journey, Adnan sees Iraq and meets its people in a way he never could as a soldier. Starting high in the snowy mountains, Adnan joins wildlife activists releasing bears into the wild; enters tunnels dug by ISIS in Mosul which house an incredible discovery; gains rare access to a booming oil-refinery; and meets Iraqi Kurdistan’s biggest pop star. He joins female soldiers who long for independence from Iraq, before travelling through majestic gorges to reach the contested oil fields of Kirkuk, where Kurdish and Iraqi forces clashed.  Fifteen years on, the future of Iraq looks optimistic.


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