Australia On Fire: Climate Emergency


GENRE: Factual

SUBGENRE: Science and technology

FORMAT: 1×60


SYNOPSIS: Journeying into the firestorm, this is the dramatic and terrifying story of the battle to save Australia from the bushfires ravaging the country. First-hand accounts from firefighters who were on the frontlines reveal what it is like to take on a completely unpredictable enemy. With some estimates putting the wildlife death toll at millions, reporter Kylie Morris examines the long-term impact of the fires on the diverse animal population and ecology. Extraordinary drone footage reveals the extent of the devastation. Among the burnt-out forests, rescuers seek out injured koalas and kangaroos left helpless by the fires. The programme also features testimony from those who only just escaped their burning homes with their lives; as well as hearing from some of those who have returned back to their destroyed homes, some of whom have lost everything – belongings, livelihoods and loved ones. With extreme record-breaking temperatures and drought said to have super charged the bushfires, the film also explores the wider concerns around climate change. Is this disaster, described by some as apocalyptic, a glimpse into a future world where temperatures have been allowed to rise to dangerous levels?


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