Voice Girls!!!


Production: 2018

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 30 min x 10 episodes

Ups and downs drama for every person who’s pursuing a dream!

Makoto dreams of becoming a voice actor for the most popular animation PreCure series. While living in a shared house with four classmates, Makoto aims to become a top voice actor such as Haruka TOMATSU whom she has longed for. However, what stands in front of her was the harsh reality of a rookie voice actor!

Juggling multiple jobs is a piece of cake! The only role I get is classmate A or passerby B. The producer wants ordinary acting, not my individuality. My manager cannot even remember my name!

Is anybody actually listening to my voice? How can I move up from here?

Promo and Screener



ABC Japan

Hitomi Abe (Ms.)


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