Perfect Crime


Production: 2019

Genre: Drama/ Romance

A passionate and steamy crime romance that depicts a heroine falling into dangerous love traps.

Passionately making love in a hotel room… Kaori is an interior planner. She has a commanding presence at the office, but she has been secretly keeping an illicit relationship with her boss Fuyuki for years. It’s an unfruitful love without the future. She was sleeping with him while hiding her sorrow, knowing that there is no happy ending between them. One day, a young, competent designer Haruto, transferred from the New York branch, appeared in front of her. Kaori has to partner up with him for a project, but she feels awkward and frustrated because he accidentally saw their affair in the office. The encounter with Haruto started to change her destiny and she unconsciously falls into traps around her.



ABC Japan

Hitomi Abe (Ms.)

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