Production: 2012- on going

Genre: Documentary

Episodes: 200 + episodes

We all have dreams of our own.

And keep on going to make that dreams come true. The path to reach that dream is what we call “Life”. Life is made of many dreams. We all have the power to achieve our dreams.

This program illustrates the lives of people who chase their dreams and how they sparkle. “LIFE” is a personal documentary, features the people who live their lives full of passion for pursuing their dreams through their professional skills. Each unique and aspiring professional has faith in their hard work and keeps challenging themselves to pursue their dreams further.

It is such an inspiring program for every viewer to see those professionals who continue to chase their dreams despite their struggles. After watching this program, you will be sure to be inspired to pursue your own dream.

Promo and Screener


ABC Japan

Hitomi Abe (Ms.)

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