Detective Knight Scoop


Production: 1988- on going

Genre: Variety/Finished show

Episodes: 200+ episodes

Solve all your problems and laugh it away!

“Detective Knight Scoop” is one of the most famous entertainment shows broadcasted in Japan. It has been successfully broadcasting for more than 30 years since 1988.

The contents of this “legendary” show start in the studio set of a detective bureau. In each episode, three requests from the viewers are revealed and three comedians who appear as detectives are appointed for each request. In each case, the appointed detective tries to solve challenges with the viewer who made the request.

Because of the wide-ranging requests from the viewers, most of them are very funny whilst others are poignant and the solving processes of all of these detectives shown as videos comprise the main parts of this show.

Promo and Screener



ABC Japan

Hitomi Abe (Ms.)

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