Inside Nasa’s Innovations



6 x 60’


NASA is clearly one of the global leaders of innovation, and at taking giant evolutionary leaps for mankind, but how to do they do it?

Inside NASA Innovations takes you to see the future of innovation at NASA though the lense of ground-breaking entrepreneurs from across the globe, and wow-factor new technologies that are transforming our interplanetary universe for the better.

Filmed on location at NASA locations throughout the United States, we profile NASA’s inventors, innovators, scientists, engineers, thought leaders, astronauts and entrepreneurs. Inside NASA’s Innovations, uniquely brings you up-close and personal with each innovator, giving pertinent insights into the makings of each rising star. See zero gravity robots, the Mission Control of the Future, Mars Rovers with AI and other never seen before innovations which will shape the word for generations to come!


Jon Quayle
Managing Director
Greenlight International

Twitter: @Greenlight_Int‌

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