Hissatsu -Mission to Kill-


Production: 1972 – on going

Genre: Drama / Finished content/Action/Samurai

Episode: 60 min or 120 min x 790 episodes

In ancient Edo, today’s Tokyo, there lived secret bands of assassins who liquidated evildoers the law could not touch. During the day these assassins posed as ordinary merchants; flower vendor, musical instrument maker, braid maker, hair piece maker, even police officers.

At night, they emerged in dark alleys to rid the world of bullies who prey on the weak and the poor. Since it first broadcasted in September 1972, 31 series with over 750 episodes were produced through March 1991. It still continues as special drama once a year.

The Hissatsu series had became one of the most popular TV shows in Japan as a common “Jidaigeki (genre of movie and TV shows, mostly of Edo era)” format on edge by showing many atypical elements. They often use amusing gadgets such as Japanese Shamisen strings, Kanzashi hair piece, or sometimes even x-ray vision. Each assassin has his or her own unique killing style based on their occupation. Not only using traditional samurai sword as a weapon, From its famous artistic use of light and shadow to the all-star cast and cowboy-movie-inspired music, the viewers are drawn to anachronisms of the traditional Jidaigeki elements with a modern twist.

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ABC Japan

Hitomi Abe (Ms.)


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