Duchess of Windsor



1 x 60’

Trailer: https://greenlightinternational.tv/factual-documentary/duchess-of-windsor/

The woman who got everything & and the man who gave it all to have her, almost! Baltimore, where a little girl growing up in row house on Biddle Street played a significant role in dethroning the King of England. Residents of the street have all but forgotten that this little girl grew up to become Wallis Simpson, the love of King Edward VIII’s life. “That Woman” as the rest of the royal family calls her was the one for whom he threw away the crown. Scott and Tom visit the sites of her many escapades, and astonish current-day residents with the news of their connection to a women who changed the course of history. Meet Hugo Vickers, royal historian to Queen Elizabeth. Hugo’s close relationship with the Royal Family gives a riveting perspective on what really was happening behind the scenes. We learn how Wallis was really seen by the royals and intimate details about the Duke and Duchesses‘ life. We also hear from family and others from Wallis’ past who reveal a new side of the story never heard before.


Jon Quayle
Managing Director
Greenlight International


Twitter: @Greenlight_Int‌

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