Baby Boyfriend



Production: 2020

Episodes: 30 min x 10 episodes (2 short stories in each)

Your heart skips a beat! Here’s a bittersweet love story of junior boys and senior girls.

 Surely you will want to fall in love with someone after watching. ”Junior boyfriends” are now attracting more attention from many girls. They’re cute, energetic, and a bit cheeky… You would find “your story” too among the variety of episodes. This is a bible of modern romantic series that makes you laugh, impressed, and far gone in love!! The series is composed of 10 episodes, each of which includes 2 short stories of 15 minutes! We will deliver fresh and sometimes sympathizing love stories of “senior girls” and “junior boys” in various situations. Members of 3 groups from Kansai Johnny’s Jr. rapidly increasing popularity play “junior boyfriends” in 20 stories, adding color to the stories featuring their unique characters!



ABC Japan

Hitomi Abe (Ms.)

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