Under Siege



RELEASE YEAR 1992 | R | 103 MINS

Casey Ryback (Steven Seagal) is a cook aboard the Navy Battleship Missouri. However, when a band of mercenaries led by turncoat CIA Agent Stranix (Tommy Lee Jones) board the ship planning to confiscate all the nuclear warheads, Ryback is locked in the freezer. Ryback, a former Navy SEAL, escapes. Alone and without weapons, Ryback finds ways to create trouble for the mercenaries while figuring a way to stop them. Finally, Ryback encounters Jordan (Erika Eleniak), a former Playboy Playmate, who was supposed to entertain at the Captain’s birthday party. She is his only help to try to bring down the heavily armed group and save the nuclear warheads from getting into the wrong hands.


Samantha Cameron-Mowat
VP International Sales
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Email: SCameronMowat@NewRegency.com


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