10 Mistakes that Sunk the Titanic


GENRE: Factual


FORMAT: 1×60/1×80


SYNOPSIS: 10 Mistakes That Sunk the Titanic reveals that there was no single factor that sent the Titanic to the bottom of the ocean; instead what sealed the ship’s fate was a cascade of multiple events – none of them fatal in their own right. From the procedure for fixing rivets into the ship’s bows through to the delay in her construction that pushed her maiden voyage into the perilous iceberg season, the film reveals how the ten mistakes came together to form a perfect storm that sealed the Titanic’s fate. Using expert interviews, archive, graphics and simple-to-understand demos illustrating the science behind her design flaws and failures, we follow the Titanic’s journey from construction to catastrophe, and chart the ten key mistakes that brought about the most famous naval disaster in history.


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