Three Breastless Beauties




“Many women want to become busty, but I became breastless due to my breast cancer. – An-an”

Since ancient times, breasts have been regarded to embody female beauty. When a woman becomes breastless, does it mean she is not beautiful anymore?

Breast cancer has been the most prevalent cancer affecting women in Taiwan as well as worldwide, and its incidence rate is the highest among all types of cancers in Taiwan. In this film, three young Taiwanese women, An-an, Angel, and Xiaoqian, all got breast cancer in their thirties and thus had their breast surgically removed.  After being breastless for 2-3 years, they have walked out of the saddest darkness. In the face of the stress from high recurrence and mortality rates, they told their stories with frankness and calmness. They have shown another kind of female beauty through their own experiences. ─ “Breasts aren’t what make us a woman.”


Robert Tsai — Director General
Taiwan Comprehensive Program

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