One life one chance


Short film



The prosperity of utilitarianism has caused the destruction of nature in Taiwan. The traditional culture has been taken away as the time past. Moreover, the family relationship and the ruined nature are all caused by the busy pursuit of mammonism. The essential elements in life are the family and the living environment. This film is based on an oriental ancient legend. One of the essences of oriental culture is the combination of tea ceremony spirit and nature. In the plot, the grandpa designed an adventure of solving puzzles, and took this opportunity to let the busy working father have a journey of exploring treasure hunt with his son. This adventure process reflected the coexisting wisdom of human and nature. After all, the tea ceremony gave the answer of the mystery, and also provided the tranquility of the years and nature. During the challenge, our characters enjoyed the charm of the relationship between the heaven and earth. Finally, they completed this trip and then repaired the relationship. Everyone found the most beautiful treasure in his heart.


Robert Tsai — Director General
Taiwan Comprehensive Program

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