On Another Level



On Another Level is an original musical format from Caracol Television which gathers the best professional singers in the country who are looking for fame. The singer has to go inside an elevator located on the first level and sing a song for 90 seconds. On the third level, three judges will listen, and if they like the performance, at least two of them must press the button so the elevator takes the singer up to the stage located on the third level, where the contestant’s family, the three judges and the audience await.

The selected singers will put their level to test in the second stage, when they perform along with other singers the same song but in different musical genres (Pop, Rock, Latin). In these fusions, the participants will have to work as a team to give a great show, creating a version that the audience has never heard before.When they finish the song, a member of the group will be eliminated and the survivors will continue to ascend levels until they are part of the four finalists, which will be picked by the public and get as a prize, a tour of national concerts. From this group of four, the public will choose the winner, who will win an album recording by a renowned record company. 


Paloma García Cuesta
International Sales Director Europe and Africa
Phone: +34 696 02 56 45
E-mail: pgarciac@caracoltv.com.co


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