Hope Is By Your Side


Short film


Trailer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S2vAmSoeHy20tvKfSC7Z1O8HVSyybitI/view

A Qiu and Chun Fang depend on each other. One day, A Qiu and Chun Fang sat at the door and made a wish at the stars in the sky. Chun Fang hoped that she would grow up early and make money to take the grandmother out to play, only because she saw the grandmother begged by her neighbor twice, but still unable to repay. Helpless, and silently put away the notice of teaching outside the school. A Qiu hopes that Chun Fang can grow up quickly, read a good book, marry a good husband, and live a good life, only because she was diagnosed with breast cancer third stage two years ago, but gave up treatment because he couldn’t pay for the medical bill. The unspeakable wish of the grandparents and grandchildren is their depression, and a portrayal of the plight of the lower society.


Robert Tsai — Director General
Taiwan Comprehensive Program
Email: 525robert@gmail.com

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