Heavenkid (English Version)



26 episodes x12’

Heavenkid is a 3-D animated TV series originated in Taiwan, and won 55 awards worldwide. It applied the theatrical 3D approach to the production of this educational television program, replacing dogma-c preaching approaches. This 3D anima-on with lively entertainment serves as a tool of moral educational in a subtle manner.

Ahya and Toto are Heavenkid’s good friends in Heaven. To rescue Heavenkid, Ahya and Toto lose their lives and reincarnate into the human world. To repay Ahya and Toto for saving his life, Heavenkid descends to the world as well. Since Toto and Ahya make troubles all the time, Heavenkid then guides them with the teachings of Di Zi Gui to help them get rid of bad habits and become obedient kids.


Derrick Wu
Magic 9 Productions
E-mail: hi@magic9pro.com
Phone: 886-7-5219630


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