Where To I do?


Lifestyle/Property Makeover

24 x 30’

Screeners: https://www.passiondistribution.com/programmes/where-to-i-do/

The ultimate property makeover meets wedding series that focuses on the three most important wedding decisions couples make: location, location, location!

Hosted by design and property expert Tommy Smythe, Where To I Do? takes engaged couples on a tour of three completely unique spaces, where their fantasy wedding could take place. Each space is then brought to life in a state-of-the-art glossy 3D graphic that Tommy reveals to the couple to help them decide, but everyone else will have to wait until the wedding day for the big reveal.

Since we can’t all get in a room together this year it’s a pleasure to welcome you to our POP-UP MARKET. CLICK_HERE

For more information please contact Agnes Mbye agnesmbye@passiondistribution.com

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