Tofukuji – Resplendent in Red


Documentary in 4K (UHD)

2015 (25 min. x 1 ep.)

Tofukuji Temple, the head temple of the Rinzai sect of Buddhism, was built in 1236.

At the main entrance is Sanmon Gate, designated a National Treasure. It is the largest one of its kind among Zen temples of Japan. The site is imbued with the solemnity of Buddhism. Nineteen statues of the Buddha grace the hall and the ceiling is adorned with the Kalavinka and Gumyo Bird, mythical creatures said to dwell in Buddhist paradise. The nearly 2000 maples trees along the temple grounds attest to the beauty of nature with its fresh green foliage in spring that eventually burst into the resplendent colors of fall. Three wooden bridges, Tsutenkyo, Gaunkyo, Engetsukyo span a stream surrounded by maple trees. 

In all four directions of the Hojo or abbot’s quarters, the beautifully kept modern gardens convey expressions of contemporary art. Named collectively as Hasso-no-niwa (Garden of Eight Views), it was designed by Mirei Shigemori, the quintessential gardener of the Showa Era. In creating this garden, stones were brought from another location, in keeping with the Zen spirit of not letting anything go to waste. In autumn, the temple is dyed in the radiant hues of autumn. We are proud to present the breathtaking beauty of Tofukuji Temple in 4K super high-definition, the only way to do justice to the magical changing of the seasons woven by man and nature.


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