The Korea International Broadcasting Foundation (Arirang TV)


Arirang TV, which was launched in 1997 after the Korea International Broadcasting Foundation was established in 1996, has connected the entire world by building a broadcasting network of 140 million households in 105 different countries through the unique energy of  the Korean people. Now, with that staying power, we will pour our hearts into communicating and building relationships with each and every viewer.

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  • Audience: Worldwide
  • Language: English with subtitles in 6 languages
  • Content: Current affairs, Entertainment, Culture
  • Satellite (HD/SD): Intelsat-20; Astra 2G Intelsat-19, 20,21; Hotbird 13B; Astra1L


  • Top: Various entertainment programs with K-POP stars
  • HD: Launched HD Channel in September 2016
  • Broadcast: at Direct TV in USA and SKY in UK
  • Multi language subtitles option:  Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish
Arirang NEWS
Arirang Entertainment and Culture
Arirang 20 Anniversary Worldwide Broadcasting (since 1999)

For program information please contact:

Boram, Cheena
Phone: 82-2-3475-5074(office), 82-10-6639-1996(mob.)

Official Website:

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