Rumi’s Phenomenon


Drama Series        

2015 (15 min. x 8 ep.)

CAST  Shiori Tomita, Erina Mano

“Rumi’s Phenomenon” centers around Rumi Ikuno, an extremely unusual high school girl. Rumi tries to do all the things an ordinary high school girl would do – have friends, fall in love, study, and work part-time. But somehow, her uniqueness explodes and things deviate in an utterly different direction. She’s definitely not what one calls commonplace, and she seems scatterbrained, but her classmates like her very much. Here is a hilarious high-school comedy about Rumi who warms the hearts of people around her.


Yoshimitsu Naohara
Manager, International Business Dept.
Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc. (MBS)
Phone: +81-6-6375-6492

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