Peanut Butter Sandwich


Drama Series                                                                 

2020 (30 min. x 8 ep.)

Cast: Honoka Yahagi, Kentaro Ito, Shuko Ito

Sayo is a career woman who believes that if you work hard, anything is within reach.

Miharu is a nurse who has been in a too-long relationship as her hopes of marriage diminish.

Miwa works at a credit union and has a hard time turning down men’s advances and suffers from low self-esteem.

Akane is a secretary with a beauty everyone notices and an elegance that makes her unattainable, yet there’s also a sadness about her.

Four ladies with different views of love, all looking for a husband, end up going to a matchmaking party together.

Four ladies, all at a critical moment in their lives, get real, as their spouse-hunting love story unfolds! Engaging in spouse-hunting parties and dating apps, they try to find their match but things don’t work out.

At times they find themselves involved with a married man and at other times, they become friends with benefits…

Will these four ladies ever find happiness?


Yoshimitsu Naohara
Manager, International Business Dept.
Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc. (MBS)
Phone: +81-6-6375-6492

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