Outrageous Weddings


Weddings/ Clip show

8 x 60’

Screeners: https://www.passiondistribution.com/programmes/outrageous-weddings/

In this hilarious clip show series, we see astonishing moments caught on camera by wedding guests which is in stark contrast to the official wedding video. We see drama unfold with wedding dress mishaps, drunken uncles, collapsing stages, and other, even weirder catastrophes like a wedding invaded by cows and a vomiting vicar. It’s a fun ride as all of these laughs, tears, fears, and fights are caught on camera.

Since we can’t all get in a room together this year it’s a pleasure to welcome you to our POP-UP MARKET. CLICK_HERE

For more information please contact Agnes Mbye agnesmbye@passiondistribution.com

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