Oh, Boy! We Really Are Sailing!


Drama Series        

2017-18 (30 min. x 11 ep.)

CAST  Marie Iitoyo, Rena Takeda

The original series was a youthful comedy, “Oh, Boy! We Really Are Sailing!” which featured two female college students who aspired to become sea navigators. In this 2nd Season, the girls have completed their sea training and graduated from college, and the focus is on their journey as they take their first steps as sailors.

In addition, this production weaves stories of real crew members into the storyline such as their “astounding experiences” on the high seas as well as back on land; stories that beckon you to the thrilling world of “mariners” (ship navigators/engineers) whose existence is crucial to life in Japan.


Yoshimitsu Naohara
Manager, International Business Dept.
Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc. (MBS)
Email: mbsintl@mbs.co.jp
Phone: +81-6-6375-6492


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