O Maidens in Your Savage Season


Drama Series                                                                

2020 (30 min. x 10 ep.)

Cast: Anna Yamada, Tina Tamashiro, Mayuu Yokota, Mei Hata, Shuri Tanaka

Mizuki Inoue, Yuki Furukawa

“Best Manga/Anime of 2019”

— Thrillist, The Verge, Geek Girl Authority, Anime UK & more!

From the writer of the hit Netflix film A Whisker Away, anohana, and Maquia

As a teen, how do you start thinking about sex? This debut manga from anime legend Mari Okada follows five girls and their five moving, funny, and mortifying answers. Join their bittersweet (and a little spicy) journey from girlhood to… whatever comes next!


When Kazusa enters high school, she joins the Literature Club, where she leaps from reading innocent fiction to diving into the literary classics. But these novels are a bit more…adult than she was prepared for. Between euphemisms like fresh dewy grass and pork stew, crushing on the boy next door, and knowing you want to do that one thing before you die–discovering your budding sexuality is no easy feat! As if puberty wasn’t awkward enough, the club consists of a brooding writer, the prettiest girl in school, an agreeable comrade, and an outspoken prude.

Fumbling over their own discomforts, these five teens get thrown into chaos over three little letters: S…E…X…!


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