Made in Kyoto


Documentary Series        2014-18 (30 min. x 25 ep.)

Kyoto’s allure lies not only in its shrines and temples or the elegance of the city.

For more than a millennium since the year 794, Kyoto flourished as the capital, leading the way in the arts, architecture and commerce. The essence of Japanese culture was born in Kyoto, and has been refined and passed down to modern times. Japanese quality which is recognized throughout the world has its roots in Kyoto and its culture of craftsmanship.

“Made in Kyoto” introduces artistry at its best – from traditional weaving and cuisine to state-of-the-art robotics – created and nurtured by the masters of Kyoto who know true quality.


Yoshimitsu Naohara
Manager, International Business Dept.
Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc. (MBS)
Phone: +81-6-6375-6492

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