Drama Series                                                                 

2020 (30 min. x 10 ep.)

Cast: Yuki Yamada, Shiori Akita

Ranked number one overall by many e-bookstores! The school psycho/love comedy, “Homeroom”

Since serialization began on Kodansha’s web comic site, Comic DAYS, it has rocketed to number one in sales, eliciting intense comments like, “The characters are way too dangerous…” and “The plot is so unpredictable…”

The hair-raising love comedy about a school psycho which topped the charts at many streaming bookstores is now a live-action series!

The story’s hero is the refreshingly handsome teacher, Rintaro Aida. He’s hugely popular among the academy coeds who have nicknamed him, “Love-rin.” In the class where Aida is the homeroom teacher, Sachiko Sakurai is the victim of daily malicious shenanigans…

Aida Sensei has a strong sense of justice and he kindly reaches out to Sachiko each time this happens. To Sachiko, Sensei is the ideal “hero” and she forms warm feelings for him.

However, Aida Sensei is so popular with everyone harbors a terrible secret…! In fact, the perpetrator who has been tormenting Sachiko is Aida Sensei himself!

Loving Sachiko so much, wanting to become her one and only hero, Aida Sensei repeatedly torments Sachiko, so that he can rescue her. Is this uncontrollable love, true love?!


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