Franz Kafka in Tokyo


Drama Series         2019 (30 min. x 6 ep.)

CAST  Hiroki Suzuki

Franz Kafka

Powerless in every way and moreover, in the most perfect way. Franz Kafka, the great novelist widely regarded as one of the major figures of 20th-century literature.

Yet given this stature, we find his life itself was more absurd than what was depicted in his novels. Few people know that he suffered from an “obsession with despair,” where he found everything in life to be hopeless. “Kafka’s Tokyo Despair Diary” is an inexplicable comedy that follows Kafka as he lives in Tokyo finding despair in various subjects such as “the need for approval on social media,” and “the practice of searching for a marriage partner.”

As Kafka is thoroughly overwhelmed by a feeling of despair, his courage and graceful manner in which he deals with it will no doubt give you hope in life.


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