Danger-Less Detectives


Drama Series

2020 (30 min. x 8 ep.)

Cast: Nobuyuki Suzuki, Hayato Sano

Solve a brutal crime… Never! And avoid risk at all costs.

Why? Because it’s not worth the time and effort.

Introducing a detective drama for the new Reiwa era featuring two hot detectives who are the most passive you’ll ever see in a detective series. They never solve any crimes, yet they’re super COOL.

It’s a police story with absolutely no sense of danger!

Showa-era detectives were passionate.

Heisei-era detectives at least worked hard for the public good.

But… Reiwa-era detectives have little interest in their jobs.

They fight only for their own future and peace.

Millennials with 100-year life expectancies don’t take risks.

One won’t investigate cases, instead studying for promotion exams and kissing up to his bosses.

One uses his charm to get through life with ease as he searches for another career path.

They play it safe and make no waves.

Yet these two keep getting embroiled in criminal cases…?!

In a cool and stylish manner, this police story portrays the slack-off lives of these two harmless detectives!


Yoshimitsu Naohara
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Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc. (MBS)
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