Covid-19 Pandemic


46 MIN (each episode)

The whole world is seeing a sharp increase of people infected with novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. Amidst the rapid surge, South Korea’s measures to deal with the fatal virus is receiving interest.

South Korea’s effective large-scale diagnostic tests, high-tech medical technology, the government’s transparent and democratic system, and the citizens’ awareness are considered to be model examples. Through our program, we delve into Korea’s policies and measures used to fight the infectious disease. We also focus on quarantine measures and how the Korean society overcomes the crisis. In addition, we connect with foreign correspondents and experts and show how South Korea and the global community are collaborating and encouraging one another to endure the COVID-19 outbreak.

For program information please contact:

Boram, Cheena
Phone: 82-2-3475-5074(office), 82-10-6639-1996(mob.)

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