Cheer Me Up on the Blog


Infotainment 2013 (82 min. x 1 ep.)

Her name is Saki Inagaki. She is an entertainer who dresses as the character Asuka from the anime “Evangelion.” Saki left Japan to travel abroad! Her blog “Trek Across Europe” began in Vienna, Austria with the goal of covering checkpoints in ten countries on the way toward her final destination, Portugal! This special episode covers a day in Saki’s blog trek, jam-packed with highlights in Italy.

On her journey, her blog and dice are her inseparable companions. Saki must update and check her blog at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. each day. The number of comments she receives on her blog determines the funding for her travels. However, the number of comments does not translate directly into funds. The roll of the dice and the spin of the coin ultimately determine how much she will receive.

Without a translator, and unable to speak English, how does she continue her journey in Europe as she battles her fears and loneliness abroad?


Yoshimitsu Naohara
Manager, International Business Dept.
Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc. (MBS)
Phone: +81-6-6375-6492

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