Wait! My Youth


Duration:24 eps x 35 mins

Genre:Youth, Romance

Broadcast Date: 3/19/2019

Broadcast platform: Youku   

Director: SHEN Qinyuan


LI Jiaqi as SU Chanchan

ZHAO Yiqin as LAN Tianye

LI Geyang as LIN Jiazhe

WEI Tianhao as ZHOU Lin


Teenage girl SU Chanchan, came across her best friends at her adolescence, XU Meili with nice personality, smart and handsome girl LAN Tianye, gentle girl LIN Jiaze, and TAO Yating who is Beautiful but full of melancholy. Su Chanchan had a lot of unforgettable memories during her middle school and college, mingled with laughter    and tears. When she grew up, SU Chanchan has achieved what she didn’t expect rely on her own and became other people’s dream. The dream of her 18’s came true when she was 28, and the people around her of her 18’s was still there when she was 28. The youth passed by with golden memories left.


Zhang Jia Dong — Project Manager, International Distribution Dpt.

Tel: +8615811372817

Email: zhangjiadong@huashi.tv

Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7ACqIQiy1SkjglQQ6bWDRg

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