The Qin Empire IV



80 x 45’

In the late of the Warring States Period, the land of Cathaysia which had been in chaos for more than 500 years, was still in Endless war and charred with life. At that time, the other six vassal states were weak while Qin was strong, and the trend of unification of the land gradually became apparent.

Lyu Buwei, a giant businessman, fled to the State Qin with prince’s descendant called «Ying Yiren», who resided in Zhao as a hostage. And the young «First Emperor » was abandoned in Handan and suffered many lives and deaths. He also witnessed the pain and despair of the people brought by the war. From then, he raised the ambition to unify the land. After that, he returned to the State Qin and experienced spiritual pain in the political whirlpool of Xianyang, transforming into a real king. In order to seize the opportunity and strength to rule all the land, he elaborated planning on the lurk, and finally crushed the» Lao ai’s rebellion». Followed by taking over the reins of government and dethroning the prime minister, he regained the sovereignty. Since then, the restoration forces of the imperial clan had been eradicated and the obstacles to going east to destroy the other six countries had been cleared. With the help of Li Si, Wang Jian, Meng Tian, and other officials and military officers, the six countries were wiped out and the first fully centralized administration was established.


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