The Legend of Qing Nang


Duration:36 eps * 45 mins

Genre: Fantacy, Suspense

Broadcast Date: TBD

Broadcast platform: Youku

Director: YU Yingnan, ZHANG Jie


LI Hongyi as MU Xingchen

ZHAO Lusi as YE Yunshang

ZHANG Sifan as QIAO Zhentian

FENG Junxi as SHANGGUAN Wenxuan


Teenage boy MU Xingchen is the descendant of SHENMU family which studies medicine in modern times. He saved YE Yunshang, the daughter of a medical family which intruded other’s territory accidentally, and in order to avoid the internal fighting of the royal family they went to the early modern trouble times. Coming across rare plague, MU Xingchen saved his family and other people by Qing Nang skill, and after getting through all kinds of temptation and test he finally became the respected healer. Afterwards, MU Xingchen gave up the throne, traveled around the world to save people with his wife YE Yunshang.


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